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Be among the first in the Construction and Demolition (C&D) industry to get the Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) ecolabel for your projects!

  • Get recognised for providing environmentally-preferable C&D Waste services
  • Prove your passion for people and the planet to customers
  • Stand out for being sustainable in a crowded C&D services market
  • Contribute to a better community and environment by reducing waste through recovery, reuse and recycling.

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Did you know…

  • By weight, the C&D industry is one of the country’s largest waste producers. It makes up around half of all waste going to landfill.1
  • There is a large amount of reusable materials going straight to landfill instead of being reused.2
  • Customer demand for sustainable products and services is growing.3

Companies Using This Specification

Below is a list of the companies that have products with the Environmental Choice licence in this category of Construction & Demolition Waste Services .

Product Name

- Waste recovery services
- Construction waste generator services
- Demolition waste generator services

Make a mark in your industry

These companies have set themselves apart and made it easy for consumers to choose them over their competitors by installing confidence that their products have less negative impact on the environment. Read their stories to see how getting accredited changed their business.

Latest News

The New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust has begun developing an ecolabel specification for construction and demolition (C&D) waste management to help...
An ecolabel specification that will encourage companies to reduce the amount of construction and demolition (C&D) waste going to landfill...
Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) has granted the country’s first construction and demolition (C&D) waste management ecolabel to Christchurch-based Taggart...

The Next Step

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3. Colmar Brunton 2020 Better Futures Report

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