Below is a list of the companies that have products with the Environmental Choice licence in this category of soaps, liquid soaps, shampoos, lotions and personal hygiene products.

Product Name

Care4 Liquid Hand Soap / Flowing Soap
Paramount Care Liquid Hand Soap
Earthcare Palm Oil-free Liquid Hand Soap
Jet Care Liquid Hand Soap
Eco Cleaning Service Liquid Hand Soap

Kemsol Green Shampoo
Kemsol Green Vibe Hand Soap

Earthwise Nourish Body Wash
-Sweet Orange, Cedarwood & Sage
-Coconut, Shea butter & Manuka honey
-Jasmine, Vanilla & Ylang Ylang
-Rosehip & Almond Oil

Earthwise Nourish Hand Wash
-Lily & White Ginger
-Tahitian Lime & Sandalwood
-Rosehip & Almond

Earthwise Shampoo & Conditioner
-Earthwise Balance Shampoo (Normal Hair)
-Earthwise Balance Conditioner (Normal Hair)
-Earthwise Protect Shampoo (Coloured Hair)
-Earthwise Protect Conditioner (Coloured Hair)
-Earthwise Revitalise Shampoo (Dry Hair)
-Earthwise Revitalise Conditioner (Dry Hair)
-Earthwise Volumising Shampoo
-Earthwise Volumising Conditioner
GreenEarth Natural Liquid Soap

Green Rhino Vanilla Soap White

Mode luxury body wash
Mode luxury lotion soap
Mode enriched lotion soap
Mode moisturising body wash
Nu-Care Pink
GreenR Liquid Soap

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