Below is a list of the companies that have products with the Environmental Choice licence in this category of eco-friendly paint products.

Product Name

Dulux Wash & Wear +Plus Kitchen & Bathroom
- Low Sheen Vivid White
- Semi-Gloss Vivid White

Dulux Wash & Wear 101 Barrier Technology
- Semi-Gloss Vivid White
- Low Sheen Vivid White
- Low Sheen Deep Base
- Low Sheen Ultra Deep Base
- Low Sheen Extra Bright Base
- Low Sheen Blue Base
- Low Sheen Orange
- Low Sheen True Red
- Low Sheen Bold Yellow
- Low Sheen Mt Aspiring
- Low Sheen Opononi
- Low Sheen Sandfly Point
- Low Sheen Manorburn
- Low Sheen Cardrona
- Low Sheen Okarito
- Matt Vivid White
- Matt Deep Tone Base
- Matt Ultra Deep Tone Base
- Matt Extra Bright Base

Dulux Wash & Wear +Plus Anti-Bac
- Low Sheen Vivid White

Dulux Wash & Wear +Plus Super Hide
- Low Sheen Strong White
- Matt Strong White

Dulux Aquanamel
- Semi-Gloss Ultra Deep Base
- Semi-Gloss Extra Bright Base
- Semi-Gloss Blue Base
- Semi-Gloss Orange
- Semi-Gloss True Red
- Semi-Gloss Black
- Low Sheen Vivid White
- Low Sheen Deep Base
- Low Sheen Ultra Deep Base
- Gloss Orange
- Gloss True Red
- Gloss Black

Dulux Weathershield X10
- Gloss Ultra Deep Base
- Gloss Extra Bright Base
- Gloss True Red
- Gloss Bold Yellow
- Gloss Orange
- Gloss Blue
- Gloss Green Base
- Semi-Gloss Deep Base
- Semi-Gloss Ultra Deep Base
- Low Sheen Vivid White
- Low Sheen Deep Base
- Low Sheen Ultra Deep Base
- Low Sheen Extra Bright Base
- Low Sheen Blue Base
- Low Sheen Bold Yellow
- Low Sheen Orange

Dulux Timbacryl
- Low Sheen Vivid White
- Low Sheen Deep Base
- Low Sheen Ultra Deep Base
- Low Sheen Cherrywood
- Low Sheen Redwood
- Low Sheen Mission Brown
- Low Sheen Ebony
- Low Sheen Karaka Leaf
- Low Sheen Brunswick Green
- Low Sheen Ochre Base
- Low Sheen Yellow Base
- Low Sheen Brown Base
- Low Sheen Grey Base
- Low Sheen Green Base

Dulux Roof and Trim
- Gloss Deep Base
- Gloss Ultra Deep Base
- Micaeous Oxide
- Gloss Light Ochre
- Gloss Extra Bright Base
- Gloss Ironsand
- Gloss Sandstone Grey
- Gloss Brunswick Green
- Gloss Karaka
- Gloss Colorsteel New Denim Blue
- Gloss Brick Red
- Semi-Gloss Vivid White
- Semi-Gloss Deep Base
- Semi-Gloss Ultra Deep Base
- Semi-Gloss Extra Bright Base
- Semi-Gloss Colorsteel Ironsand
- Semi-Gloss Colorsteel New Denim Blue
- Semi-Gloss Sandstone Grey
- Semi-Gloss Brick Red
- Semi-Gloss Colorsteel Karaka
- Semi-Gloss Brunswick Green
- Semi-Gloss Light Ochre

Dulux Prepcoats
- Acrylic Sealer Undercoat
- 1 Step Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat

Dulux Ceilings
- Dulux Ceiling White
- Dulux Ceiling White Plus K&B
- Dulux Light & Space Ceiling

Professional Enviro2
- Low Sheen White
- Low Sheen Deep Base
- Low Sheen Ultra Deep base
- Ceiling Flat
- Acrylic Sealer Undercoat

Dulux Professional
- Interior Flat Vivid White
- Interior Deep Tone Base
- Tintable Ceiling White
- Acrylic Sealer Undercoat
- Ultra5 Surfacer, Prep and Finish
- Timber Surfacer
- Steriguard Durable Acrylic Low Sheen White
- Fast Finish Waterbased Enamel Semi-Gloss White
- Fast Finish Undercoat & Ceiling Flat White

Cabot's Deck & Exterior Stain (Water Based)
- Blackbean
- Cedar
- Kwila
- Silver Beech
- Rustic Oak
- Charcoal
- New Jarrah

Cabot's Clear Finishes and Oils
- Aquadeck Kwila
- Aquadeck Amber
- Aquadeck Burnt Walnut
- Cabot's CFP Floor Water Based Gloss
- Cabot's CFP Floor Water Based Satin
- Cabot's Garden Furniture Oil New Natural

Intergrain Natural Stain
- Natural Stain Kowhai
- Natural Stain Charcoal
- Natural Stain Dark Oak
- Natural Stain Redwood
- Natural Stain Tint Base

Intergrain Clear Finishes & Oils
- Ultradeck Natural
- Ultradeck Dark Oak
- Ultradeck Jarrah
- Ultrafloor Gloss
- Ultrafloor Satin
- Ultrafloor Interior Gloss
- Ultrafloor Interior Satin

Fast Watson Decking Oil
- Natural
- Kwila
- Jarrah

Dulux Acratex
- Acrashield Advance Matt HiOp White
- Acrashield Advance Matt UDTB
- Acrashield Advance Matt XB
- AcraShield Advance Low Gloss HiOp White
- 501/1 AcraPrime WB
- 968 Elastomeric 201 Pastel
- 968 Elastomeric 201 UDB

1 Step Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat

Fast Finish
-Waterbased Enamel Stain Semi Gloss White
-Undercoat & Ceiling Flat White

Aqua Deck
-Burnt Walnut

AcryGlaze Flat
AcryGlaze Gloss
AcryGlaze Matt
AcryGlaze Semi-Gloss
ArmourGuard Gloss
ArmourGuard Low Sheen
ArmourGuard Satin
ArmourGuard Semi-Gloss
Ceiling Flat
Easy Flow
Easy Sand
Fence Guard
Filler Kote
Flexi Kote
Foam Kote
Guardian Graffiti Shield
HiBuild 1000
HiBuild 200
HiGuard Gloss
HiGuard Roof
HiGuard Satin
HiGuard Semi Gloss
Masonry Sealer
Metallic Silver
Quick Prep
Quick Switch
Rust Guard
Scenic Flat Chroma Blue
Scenic Flat Chroma Green
Scenic Flat Digital Blue
Scenic Flat Digital Green
Scenic Flat Super-Saturated
Scenic Sizing
Scenic Stain
Steel Guard
Timbakote Cedar Pro
Timbakote Deck Pro
Timbajote Dura Shield
Timbakote Lockwood Blond
Timbakote Rustic Base Coat
Timbakote TImber Pro
Ultra Matt
Ultra Prime
Winter Coat

Acrylic Undercoat
Armourcote WB942 Pumice Top Coat
Art Action
Blackboard Paint
Brushable Crack Filler
Ceiling Paint
Chalkboard Paint
Clearcoat UVS
Colorwood Whitewash
Colorwood Enhance
Concrete Clear Gloss
Concrete Clear Semi-Gloss
Concrete Clear Satin
Concrete Clear Flat
Concrete Primer
Concrete Wax
Crown Acrylic
Crown Fence Paint
Crown Roof
Crown Roof Primer
Crown Timber
Decorator Acrylic
Decorator Interior
Decorator Interior Ultra Low Sheen
Decorator Concrete Block Sealer
Earthsense Ceiling Paint
Enamacryl Gloss Enamel
Fresh Air Carpark
FX Pearl Shimmer
FX Fluoro
Grassmarking Paint
Hi-Glo House & Roof
Lumbersider High Opacity
Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom
Membrane Primer
Non-Skid Deck & Pass
Paint Effects Medium
Qristal ClearFloor 1K
Quick Dry Acrylic Pr. U/C
Quick Dry End Seal
Rockcote Matt Armour
Sandtex Superfine
Sandtex Masonry Flat
Sonyx 101
SpaceCoat Clear
SpaceCote Flat Spray Version
SpaceCote Low Sheen
SpaceCote LS Kitchen & Bathroom
Summit Roof
Tagcover Waterbourne Graffiti Covering Paint
Tennis Court Coating
Terracotta Sealer
Testpots 60 mL
Testpots 80 mL
Testpots 250 mL
Timber Surface Prep
Walk On
Walk On Concrete Clear
Waterbourne Woodsman
Woodsman Decking Stain (waterborne)
Woodsman Whitewash
Wood- X Interior
Wintergrade Hi-Glo
Wintergrade Lumbersider
Wintergrade Quick Dry Pr. U/C
Wintergrade Sonyx 101
Wintergrade X-200
Zylone 20
Zylone Sheen
Zylone Sheen VOC Free
Non-Skid Deck & Path
Paint Effects Medium
Pearl Shimmer
Qristal ClearFloor 1K
Quick Dry
Rockcote Matt Armour
Sun Defier
Tennis Court Coating
Terracotta Sealer
Thixalon 5
Timber Surface Prep
Woodsman Decking Stain
Woodsman Whitewash

Art & Poster
- Clears
- Metallic Effects
- Student Acrylic
- Tempera

- 3 in 1
- Surface Prep & Seal
- Waterborne Wallboard Sealer

- Ceiling Flat
- High Gloss Acrylic
- Low Sheen Acrylic
- Acrylic Fence Paint
- Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat
- Roof Acrylic
- Acrylic Roof Primer
- Timber Colour
- Waterborne Wallboard Sealer

- 100% Acrylic Gloss
- Acrylic Ceiling Flat
- Acrylic Easy Sand WBS
- Acrylic Hi Build Undercoat
- Acrylic High Cover WBS
- Acrylic Int/Ext Flat
- Acrylic Low Sheen
- Acrylic Primer Undercoat
- Acrylic Sealer Undercoat
- Acrylic Semi-Gloss
- Acrylic Tintable Ceiling Flat
- Acrylic Ultra Low Sheen
- Interior Low Sheen
- Premium Roof Permanent Green
- Premium Roof Karaka
- Premium Roof Grey Friars
- Premium Roof Ironsand
- Hi-Opacity

- Coarse
- Medium
- Standard

- Flat
- Flat Commercial Spray Grade
- Flat CoolColour
- Flat Fly Deterrent
- Flat Kitchen & Bathroom
- Low Sheen
- Low Sheen Kitchen and Bathroom

- Mid Tone
- Ultra Deep Base
- White

- Sidewalk
- Smooth Surface Sealer
- Woodsman
- Woodsman CoolColour

- Hi-Glo
- Lumbersider
- Quick Dry
- Sonyx 101
- X-200

- 20
- Sheen
- Sheen VOC Free

Wattyl Solagard Gloss
- Gloss Black
- Gloss Blue
- Gloss Deep
- Gloss Karaka
- Gloss Magenta
- Gloss Ochre
- Gloss Pastel
- Gloss Red
- Gloss STB
- Gloss White
- Gloss Yellow

Wattyl Solagard Low Sheen
- Low Sheen Deep B Green
- Low Sheen Deep
- Low Sheen Karaka
- Low Sheen Magenta
- Low Sheen Ochre
- Low Sheen Pastel
- Low Sheen Red
- Low Sheen Yellow
- Low Sheen Black
- Low Sheen Blue
- Low Sheen STB
- Low Sheen White

Wattyl Solagard Roof
- Roof Dark Grey
- Roof Deep B Green
- Roof Deep
- Roof Grey Friars
- Roof Ironsand
- Roof Karaka
- Roof New Denim Blue
- Roof Permanent Green
- Roof Pioneer Red
- Roof Rivergum
- Roof Sandstone
- Roof Scoria
- Roof Titania
- Roof White

Wattyl Solagard Semi-Gloss
- Semi-Gloss BLB
- Semi-Gloss Carters Green
- Semi-Gloss Deep
- Semi-Gloss Esco Green
- Semi-Gloss Pastel
- Semi-Gloss STB
- Semi-Gloss White

- Granoprime

Living Proof
- Ceiling White
- Eggshell NX6370
- Eggshell Blue
- Eggshell Strong
- Eggshell Deep
- Eggshell Pastel
- Eggshell White
- Silk Blue
- Silk Red
- Silk Strong
- Silk Deep
- Silk Pastel
- Silk White
- Satin Strong
- Stain Pastel

Valspar WB Deck and Furniture Oil
- Valspar WB Exterior Deck Oil Kwila
- Valspar WB Exterior Deck Oil Redwood
- Valspar WB Exterior Deck Oil Traditional
- Valspar WB Exterior Furniture Oil Kwila
- Valspar WB Exterior Furniture Oil Traditional

- Limeblock
- Freesand
- Ezysand
- Dead Flat
- High Build
- Ceiling Flat
- Ultra Low Sheen
- Satin Vinyl White
- Acrylic Semigloss White

Valspar Exterior
- Exterior Gloss Black
- Exterior Gloss LTB
- Exterior Gloss Mid
- Exterior Gloss Pure Magenta
- Exterior Gloss Strong
- Exterior Gloss White
- Exterior Low Sheen Black
- Exterior Low Sheen LTB
- Exterior Low Sheen Mid
- Exterior Low Sheen Pure Magenta
- Exterior Low Sheen Strong
- Exterior Low Sheen White
- Exterior Matt LTB
- Exterior Matt Mid
- Exterior Matt Strong
- Exterior Matt White
- Exterior Satin LTB
- Exterior Satin Mid
- Exterior Satin Strong
- Exterior Satin White

Valspar Interior Flat
- Interior Flat Black
- Interior Low Sheen Brilliant Yellow
- Interior Low Sheen Intense Red
- Interior Low Sheen LTB
- Interior Low Sheen Mid
- Interior Low Sheen Pure Magenta
- Interior Low Sheen Radiant Orange
- Interior Low Sheen Strong
- Interior Low Sheen White
- Interior Matt LTB
- Interior Matt Mid
- Interior Matt Strong
- Interior Matt White
- Interior Satin LTB
- Interior Satin Mid
- Interior Satin Strong
- Interior Satin White

Valspar Interior and Bathroom
- Kitchen Bathroom Ceiling White
- Kitchen Bathroom Low Sheen White
- Kitchen Bathroom Satin White

Valspar Deck and Timber Stain
- Water Based Deck & Timber Stain Cedar
- Water Based Deck & Timber Stain Charcoal
- Water Based Deck & Timber Stain CTB
- Water Based Deck & Timber Stain Kwila
- Water Based Deck & Timber Stain Redwood

Valspar Trim
- Water Based Trim Satin LTB
- Water Based Trim Satin White

Valspar Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat
- Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat

Valspar Acrylic Stain Blocker
- Acrylic Stain Blocker

Valspar Acrylic Sealer Undercoat
- Acrylic Sealer Undercoat

Valspar Ceiling White
- Ceiling White

Wattyl Aquatrim
- Aquatrim Satin LTB
- Aquatrim Satin White

Wattyl Premium Ceiling Paint
- Premium Ceiling Paint

Wattyl Premium Exterior
- Premium Exterior Gloss LTB
- Premium Exterior Gloss Mid
- Premium Exterior Gloss STB
- Premium Exterior Gloss White
- Premium Exterior Low Sheen LTB
- Premium Exterior Low Sheen Mid
- Premium Exterior Low Sheen STB
- Premium Exterior Low Sheen White

Wattyl Premium Interior
- Premium Interior Ceiling Paint
- Premium Interior Low Sheen LTB
- Premium Interior Low Sheen Mid
- Premium Interior Low Sheen STB
- Premium Interior Low Sheen White

Wattyl Premium Kitchen and Bathroom
- Premium Kitchen and Bathroom LTB
- Premium Kitchen and Bathroom STB
- Premium Kitchen and Bathroom White

Wattyl Premium Primer Sealer Undercoat
- Premium Primer Sealer Undercoat

Wattyl Ultra Exterior
- Ultra Exterior Low Sheen White
- Ultra Exterior Low Sheen LTB
- Ultra Exterior Low Sheen Mid
- Ultra Exterior Low Sheen STB
- Ultra Exterior Gloss White
- Ultra Exterior Gloss LTB
- Ultra Exterior Gloss Mid
- Ultra Exterior Gloss STB

Wattyl Ultra Interior
- Ultra Interior Low Sheen Mid
- Ultra Interior Low Sheen STB
- Ultra Interior Low Sheen White
- Ultra Interior Matt White
- Ultra Interior Matt LTB
- Ultra Interior Matt Mid
- Ultra Interior Matt STB
- Ultra Interior CL Air Low Sheen White
- Ultra Interior Satin White

Wattyl Ultra Prep and Ceiling
- Ultra Prep and Ceiling Flat
- Ultra PSU
- Ultra Prep and Ceiling Surf Pr
- Ultra ASU
- Ultra Ceiling Toned
- Ultra Ceiling Hi Op Wh2016

ID Advanced Matt
- ID Advanced Total Cover Matt Su White
- ID Advanced Matt STB
- ID Advanced Matt Mid
- ID Advanced Matt LTB
- ID Advanced Matt White

ID Advanced Low Sheen
- ID Advanced Low Sheen Strong
- ID Advanced Low Sheen Mid
- ID Advanced Low Sheen Light
- ID Advanced Low Sheen White

ID Advanced Satin
- ID Advanced Satin White
- ID Advanced Satin STB
- ID Advanced Satin Mid
- ID Advanced Satin LTB

ID Advanced Ceiling
- ID Advanced Ceiling

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