Posted 4 Dec 2015

Environmental Choice New Zealand licensees Resene, Dulux, Valspar (Wattyl) and Paint Plus were featured in the Paint by Numbers article in August-September issue of Green Ideas magazine. They all have a range of paints that are certified with the Environmental Choice license.

The use of the Environmental Choice label in the article is a good example of how the label can be used in product advertising.

Using the Environmental Choice label helps to raise consumer awareness and will add credibility and value to the label and Environmental Choice products.

Restricting and minimising environmentally harmful substances in paint products reduces the negative environmental impact paint has during manufacturing, use and disposal.

The Environmental Choice Paint specification requires licensed products to meet the criteria for toxicity, hazardous substances, local legal regulations, waste management and overall product stewardship.

Find out how to get the best out of your Environmental Choice License: http://www.environmentalchoice.

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