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The Challenge

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A company with over 400 staff across six different sites nationwide; Ricoh sells the latest office printing products and associated technology. The nature of the office printing industry means that businesses like Ricoh need to be a step ahead in sustainability.

Ricoh is a proud industry provider who believes it is responsible to deliver good outcomes for the environment and society. As it continues to provide printers to corporate clients, waste management is very important to the brand.

The print and technology industry echoes this call with customers applauding business innovation and responsible sustainability initiatives. Ricoh is determined to be a leader in this space and is ready to take on the business of change by proving its genuine commitment through product stewardship.   

The Solution

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Ricoh sees a sustainable society as one that balances planet, people and profit; a long-standing ethos that is supported by their Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) accreditation.

For Ricoh, marketing its values around environment and social responsibility is important. Determined to prove its printing products meet environmental leadership specifications, Ricoh obtained the ECNZ label in 2004 and its printers have carried the label since.

Majority of Ricoh’s printing machines are certified by ECNZ, who are the only Type I ecolabel accreditors in the country. This means that Ricoh printers that carry the label are audited and have gone through a stringent verification process to inform consumers of their low environmental impacts.

Managing Director of Ricoh NZ Mike Pollok says that the company is proud to have been the first in their industry to adopt the Environment Choice certification.

“The Environmental Choice label aligns with Ricoh’s ethos of the three P’s - “People, Planet & Profit” and our strong belief in acting with responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations,” he says.

For Ricoh, the ECNZ label is also strong evidence that its products—through their whole life-cycle—minimise any negative impact on the environment. Since 2010, the company has also partnered with Croxley Recycling, an ECNZ-licensed e-waste recycler that responsibly disposes of Ricoh’s e-waste, toner cartridges and polystyrene packaging. This enables Ricoh to have 99% of its machine materials recycled.

Ricoh is also proud to run its Ricoh NZ circular initiative, Product Stewardship Scheme, which mimics a circular economy, taking back customer toners, e-waste and end-of-life machines. Supported by Croxley Recycling, the programme ensures toner waste is disposed of sustainably.

The Benefits

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Through the ECNZ label, Ricoh can effectively market its ethos around environment and social sustainability. The label has become a strong sales point for staff and customers who are exposed to the label via Ricoh collateral, sales documents and products.

In addition to having the label, strong relationships with accredited organisations, such as Croxley, have developed into additional services offered to Ricoh customers. Currently, a free recycling service is offered to almost 9,000 Ricoh customers who have signed up to the company’s Toner Recycling programme.

Ricoh believes its recycling scheme is one of its proudest sustainability achievements to date as the company continues to divert tough products like toner waste from landfill. The total impact of the scheme so far is:

  • 1,163,374 kgs of Ricoh e-waste recovered and recycled
  • 1,052,948 toner cartridges recovered and recycled
  • 11,016 machines recovered and recycled.

About Ricoh New Zealand Limited


The Ricoh Group has consistently provided innovative products and services since its inception in 1936. A global operation with over 107,000 staff, wherever they are in the world, Ricoh provides businesses with solutions to automate, connect and communicate.

Today, Ricoh is expanding its reach beyond the traditional office, as customers are working in new digital workplaces. They will continue to leverage services and solutions for imaging and other systems using their technological edge to deliver exceptional customer value and champion social sustainability everywhere.

As a responsible global citizen, Ricoh are also working proactively to build a sustainable society through their business activities.

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