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  • (EC-41-15) Flat & Long Steel Products
  • (EC-57-16) Pre-painted and Resin Coated Steel Products

The Challenge

Facing ever-increasing competition from imported steel product, New Zealand Steel and Pacific Steel (both wholly owned by New Zealand Steel Holdings Limited) looked for further ways to differentiate their New Zealand made flat and long steel products.  In 2015 they sought Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) licencing to demonstrate their environmental commitment and to lift their credentials against competitors.

New Zealand Steel Marketing Manager, Chris Kay, says that both differentiation and demonstrating integrity were significant factors behind seeking an Environmental Choice licence, especially with a rise in imported steel product with unknown performance and credentials confusing the marketplace.

 “We felt that seeking ecolabelling was one tool we could use to combat this issue and demonstrate how our  New Zealand-made steel is the obvious choice for those seeking quality, environmentally sound products.”

The Solution

COLORSTEEL Kanuka House NZSteel

With a brand new, state-of-the-art billet caster at Glenbrook now in production, New Zealand Steel and Pacific Steel sought Environmental Choice New Zealand certification under the newly updated certification  EC41-15, which recognises the oxygen steelmaking route and covers flat products as well as long products.

Certified in March 2016, the products which carry the Environmental Choice New Zealand label can be found here.

Chris says: “Achieving Environmental Choice New Zealand accreditation was another way for us to ensure the credibility and integrity of our products for our customers.”

Not only have both company’s flat and long steel products met Environmental Choice’s environmental criteria, they have exceeded the requirements under ‘Fit For Purpose’ another category of Environmental Choice New Zealand’s specification.

The Benefits

“By achieving Environmental Choice New Zealand status on these products, we can offer another level of assurance to our customers that they have made the right choice,” says Chris.

“I don't believe any of the imported steel coming into New Zealand can match our products in providing customers with this level of audited integrity and confidence.  We stand behind our products, and so does New Zealand’s official environmental label.  That’s another boost to our credibility in the marketplace.”

As exporters, New Zealand Steel and Pacific Steel recognise the importance of Environmental Choice New Zealand’s affiliation with the Global Ecolabelling Network, demonstrating that their accredited products have met internationally recognised standards.


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New Zealand Steel Limited and Pacific Steel (NZ) Limited are wholly owned by New Zealand Steel Holdings Limited.

New Zealand Steel is the country’s sole steel manufacturer and is unique in its use of iron sand to produce around 600,000 tonnes of steel per annum.  Pacific Steel’s rolling mill and wire mill businesses became a sister business to New Zealand Steel (NZS) when it was acquired by BlueScope from Fletcher Building in mid 2014.

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