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  • (EC-29-20) Toiletry Products

Project Scope

Like all good Kiwi companies, Chemical Solutions Limited was started with an idea and the passion to make it happen. The idea was to manufacture products for industry that suited New Zealand needs better than imported products.   They were always passionate about being clean and green and early on in their 25 year history looked at developing green products and staked a claim on that market.

The Solution

Spring Clean3

In 2010 Kemsol, part of Chemical Solutions Limited, began formalising a green-cleaning range to meet the increasing need for environmentally responsible products and systems.  They investigated what was required to achieve Environmental Choice licencing and found that without conscious planning, their current Green range (and a significant portion of their mainstay market offer with the Kemsol brand), met many of the ECNZ license requirements, in some cases needing only to formalise their measurements.

By 2012 their Green range, including toiletry products and household and commercial cleaners, had achieved Environmental Choice licences, the first business of its kind to achieve this.

Deane Vipond, Marketing Manager for Kemsol says: “Kemsol’s Green range is an important part of our stable of products.  We don’t just pay lip service to environmental and community safety factors – it’s at the core of our business and something we live and breathe every day.  This is an area that as a company we are focussed on and see as fundamental to our business model.”

The Benefits

Consumers are showing their approval for Kemsol’s Green range, with sales steadily growing in the category. Kemsol believe the ECNZ labelling gives consumers more choice, and an opportunity for their sales team to openly discuss, train and educate customers on what it means to be green, and how they can then use that to their best advantage as part of their own social, community and staff safety policies.

Deane says, “ECNZ provides critical third party endorsement for a growing portion of the market whom are increasingly aware of social and environmental policy. This is becoming increasingly important with the recent changes to health and safety laws and WorkSafe NZ policing.”

Kemsol has recently introduced new product labelling, the biggest change to labelling in the company’s 25 year history.  Featured at the recent Clean NZ Expo, the company received incredible feedback on the new labels, particularly on the ECNZ licensed range.  The new labelling shows real-life imagery of the products main use (for easier product identification, particularly when English is not the users first language), QR coding and clearer labelling for easier product identification for storage.  Featured prominently of course on their Green range, is the ECNZ logo.


Kemsol Green 362

Kemsol is a multi-sector chemical cleaning and speciality product brand, owned and managed by Chemical Solutions Limited.  Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, the company has its roots firmly fixed on a kiwi-can-do approach and genuine passion for innovation and creativity.

With 50 years of combined research and development experience, Chemical Solutions Limited strives for improved user knowledge and safer products that make a truly positive environmental impact, while continuing with local and international market expansion. 

Today its passion and innovation drive remains strong, with family and environmental values at the core of much of what it does.

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