Licence No:

3713121, 0114131 & 2918150

09 250 0091

Green Rhino® cleaning chemicals are manufactured by the same company who is behind the success of RA Johnstone and Pacer – industry leaders for panelbeating and car cleaning chemicals. Green Rhino® cleaning chemicals have created their place in the hygiene market by offering high quality and value based products that are New Zealand made. Green Rhino® has a tailored fit approach giving winning hygiene solutions to businesses across New Zealand.

Green Rhino® is a range of cleaning chemicals for different applications. Keeping in mind the local conditions, Green Rhino® has been created using the right ingredients and manufacturing standards to produce products that work.

It is 100% New Zealand - made for Kiwis by Kiwis.

Green Rhino® believes in delivering a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. They know that a clean work atmosphere leaves a good and lasting impression to customers, and with positive customer experience, business flourishes. With its wide range of products, their trusted customer service and their vast knowledge in making everything clean, Green Rhino® is confident in helping New Zealand businesses achieve all this.

Below is a list of Green Rhino products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

Green Rhino Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner
Green Rhino Glass & Mirror Cleaner
Green Rhino Spray and Wipe Multipurpose Cleaner
Green Rhino Enviro Degreaser Cleaner
Green Rhino Neutral Floor Cleaner

Green Rhino Neutral Dishwash Detergent

EC-29-16 Toiletry Products

(Licence No. 2918150)

Green Rhino Vanilla Soap White

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