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We’ve been celebrating the wonder of learning for over 60 years. Furnware works hand in hand with schools around the world, designing and creating furniture so children can thrive in the most inspiring learning spaces imaginable.  We do this with quality, reliability, innovation and genuine care.

Below is a list of Furnware products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

Bodyfurn Sled Chair
Connect Chair
Bodyfurn Lab Stool
Bodyfurn Padded Lab Stool

Bodyfurn Alpha Desk with Bookbin
Bodyfurn Alpha Double Desk
Coe Desk
Double Coe Desk

Buckler Table
Wave Table
Freeville Table
Kneeler Table
Quarter Circle Table
Coaster Table
Wedge Table
D Table
Kidney Table
Paparoa Table
Flower Table
Clover Table
Lotus Table
Round Table
Square Table
Rectangular Table
Hexagonal Table
Trapezoidal Table
Connect Table
Switch Table System

Tote Trolley
Stepped Storage Unit
Teacher's Hub
Storytime Station

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