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100% New Zealand owned with plants in Auckland and Nelson.

Prime Panels was formed in 2002 and is a business unit owned by NZ Panels Group.  The company produces a range of interior decorative surface panels in melamine, veneer, laminate and acrylic.  They also have an engineered stone range.

The company has built its business and reputation based on the knowledge that clients want personal, hands-on service from people who have the practical experience and expertise to to be there when clients need them when designing or building with laminated products.

They want a good choice of environmentally friendly products to work with and a company dedicated to protecting our environment, fair pricing, consistent quality and on-time delivery.

Our sustainable principles:

As a leader in the panel industry, New Zealand Panels Group adopts and promotes sustainable business practices designed to minimise our national and global environmental impact.

Prime Panels continues to search out alternative products to meet the growing needs of our environmentally conscious customers, while NZ Panels Group is focused on creating processes in our manufacturing plant that are mindful of the environment for future generations.

Some of the sustainable principles include:

  • The use of sustainably sourced veneers, melamine and boards
  • Suppling low formaldehyde board.
  • Reducing our manufacturing waste.
  • Control of manufacturing waste such as separating waste for recycling.
  • Re-using cover sheets and pallets from suppliers and customers and recycling packaging and plastic strapping.
  • Reducing and developing new processes to minimise energy consumption. 
  • Our new purpose-built plant in East Tamaki has been designed s a GreenStar 4* building  and features a number of initiatives that have significantly improved our environmental footprint.

Below is a list of PrimePanels NZ Ltd products that have the Environmental Choice licence:

Prime Melamine on MDF: 6mm–30mm
Prime Melamine on Particle Board: 9mm–30mm

Prime Veneer on MDF: 9mm–30mm
Prime Veneer on Particle Board: 9mm–30mm

Prime High-pressure Laminate on MDF 12mm-30mm
Prime Acrylic on MDF 16mm-30mm

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