This kit is to help licensees promote their hard-won status as an Environmental Choice New Zealand licence-holder to their customers and other stakeholders.

Some of the ways we suggest you might leverage your ECNZ licence and “environmentally preferable” credentials are to:

  • add a tagline to your communications materials, including email signatures (see P.6 in the guide)
  • include the ECNZ ecolabel presentation in your next staff update – or arrange for ECNZ to present to your staff
  • print off copies of the poster and use in foyers or at your next trade show or display opportunity
  • incorporate the content material on pp 7-8 of the guide into your promotional materials such as brochures or fliers
  • prepare a news release, newsletter item, website or social media post on one of the ecolabel news angles in the guide (P.9) – or discuss a particular news angle with ECNZ and develop a joint story
  • educate staff and customers on the ECNZ ecolabel assessment process and life-cycle approach, using the infographic on pp 10-11
  • incorporate references to the benefits of being an ECNZ licensee in communications with staff, customers and other stakeholders.


Website Cover Promo Kit


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